Platform Architecture

We develop platform requirements to help you operationalize your demand generation capability in IT infrastructure or sales and marketing automation solutions.

In the optimum scenario, we have worked with you to develop a demand generation Process that consolidates Lead Management, Brand Development and Content Marketing activities with focus on systematically progressing prospective buyer interest from one phase of their decision process to another.

If you are currently using a sales automation or customer relationship management (CRM) solution, then we begin by assessing its capabilities specific to demand generation. We focus on the best approach to provide you with a complete Demand Generation Platform (DGP) as an integration of numerous platforms required to implement your demand generation process and an operational capability:

In addition to these core platforms, many specialized platforms are available with features to address specific applications. We are skilled in evaluating both open source and commercially available marketing and sales automation platforms (and related platforms and technologies) and offer recommendations on solutions best suited to your needs and budget.

We look for data management and analytics capabilities to support performance monitoring and optimization through metrics the platform exposes. The combined effect of process mapping and platform choices enables you to measure and improve your demand generation effectiveness through ROI-based strategies and metrics-based planning and execution.

When the platform choice involves software-as-a-service (SaaS), we will manage the platform implementation and import any existing data sets as required to deliver an operational demand generation capability.

Areas of focus

Platform Architecture

A Demand Generation Platform (DGP) is an integration of marketing and sales automation platforms and related Internet & web technologies to implement your demand generation process as an operational capability.

Marketing and sales cohesion

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