Lead Management

We work with you to develop your Lead Management capabilities by looking at how you organize your marketing and sales processes to accomplish each phase of lead management:

We map out business processes for each of these phases with careful attention to activities and outcomes that have a quantitative measure. This allows metrics to be defined that provide insight into the execution effectiveness of each phase of the lead management process.

We develop platform requirements to operationalize lead management. This involves evaluating marketing and sales automation platforms and offering recommendations on solutions best suited to your needs and budget. Data management and analytics capabilities are the result of these platform choices and define the scope of performance reporting.

The combined effect of Process mapping and Platforms choices enables you to measure and improve your lead management effectiveness through ROI-based strategies and metrics-based planning and execution.

When the platform choice involves software-as-a-service (SaaS), we will manage the implementation project and import any existing data sets as required to deliver an operational lead management capability.

Areas of focus

Lead Management

Effective lead management integrates and aligns marketing and sales to improve leads-to-sales conversion ratios while increasing the quality and quantity of Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) delivered to your Sales Channels.

Marketing and sales cohesion

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