What is Demand Generation?

Demand Generation is a cyclical business process that aims to produce a higher quality leads pipeline and a higher leads-to-sales conversion ratio by systematically developing buyer awareness and interest in a product or service.

This conception of demand generation provides the framework by which ICT Sector organizes our core service offerings as (6) inter-dependent areas of focus:

A demand generation strategy requires an organized approach to each of the above areas of focus, both individually and collectively.

In addressing this need for organization, we created our Demand Generation Framework (DGF) as a tool to facilitate an organized approach to planning and implementing an effective, sustainable, demand generation capability.

The cyclical nature of the demand generation process is also evident in the structure of the DGF. This means that you have the flexibility to begin working with us on any demand generation problem with the confidence of knowing that a structure is in place that enables you to systematically build best practice demand generation capabilities at the pace and priority of your choosing.

Demand Generation Framework

The Demand Generation Framework (DGF) is a high level organizing structure for developing awareness and interest in products and services that have a technical market value proposition.

The DGF emphasizes marketing and sales cohesion as a strategic imperative for the technical sale. It provides a roadmap for integrating the elements of buyer intelligence together with engagement and content marketing to produce a higher quality leads pipeline and a higher leads-to-sales conversion ratio.

Marketing and sales cohesion
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