Channel Development

Our core service offering is for companies seeking to increase the quality and/or quantity of Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) delivered to their sales channels. We help you develop demand generation capabilities as a systematic approach to revenue growth through pipeline improvement.

However, the most effective demand generation program is of no benefit if Channels required to convert leads into sales are non-existent, geographically limited, or otherwise unprepared to effectively sell to qualified buyers.

We can help you create and implement a Channel Development program for a number of scenarios:

We can identify and qualify prospective reseller or distribution partners in many geographic markets around the world. Or, we can provide field marketing support to existing networks of sales partners to enable them to more effectively engage with prospective buyers in their markets.

In the optimum case, channel sales partners are integrated into your demand generation capability. This implies data sharing with sales partners so that you work together in progressing prospective buyer interest in a systematic way throughout the solution decision process.

Areas of focus

Channel Development

Channel Development is our service offering to help you create sales channels that can effectively sell to qualified buyers. The degree to which sales partners are integrated into your demand generation framework is a strategic choice that we can help you to approach in a systematic way.

Marketing and sales cohesion

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