Brand Development

We help you to shape prospective buyer’s perceptions of your products and of you as a business or as a business partner. This begins by understanding how your marketing organization accomplishes each phase of Brand Development:

We map out business processes for each of these phases with careful attention to activities and outcomes that have a quantitative measure. This allows metrics to be defined that provide insight into the execution effectiveness of each phase of brand development.

We develop platform requirements to operationalize brand development. This involves understanding buyers needs and the process they follow to resolve problems associated with those needs.

Attention is also given to helping buyers understand how competitor products compare. Buyer and competitor intelligence feed into every aspect of brand development. We design and implement platforms that enable buyer & competitor intelligence to directly support brand development.

The combined effect of Process mapping and Platforms choices is a communications, Content deployment and engagement capability focused on buyer progression through each phase of their solution decision process.

When the platform choice involves software-as-a-service (SaaS), we will manage the implementation project and import any existing data sets as required to deliver an operational brand development capability.

Areas of focus

Brand Development

Effective brand development integrates content, conversations and communities in an online communications architecture designed to engage buyer communities during each phase of their solution decision process.

Marketing and sales cohesion

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