About Us

ICT Sector is a marketing management consulting group focused on helping you to accelerate revenue growth, heighten agility and sustain competitiveness.

We specialize in demand generation services to improve leads pipelines and leads-to-sales conversion ratios for high-technology companies.

We help you achieve these outcomes through a systematic approach to developing awareness and interest in products and services that have a technical market value proposition.

What makes us unique?

As a team of business professionals, we have many years of multidisciplinary experience in the business of technology, especially information & communication technology (ICT) – hardware, software and services.

We have practical understanding of the buyer journey from business problem to technical solution. And, we specialize in helping marketing and sales teams inside technology companies to successfully implement effective demand generation programs.

Our clients typically work with us over a period of time in which we collaboratively develop their internal demand generation capabilities. But, we also work on shorter-term projects to accomplish specific objectives. In either case, we emphasize marketing management accountability through ROI-based strategies and metrics-based planning and execution practices.

ICT Sector's purpose is to be your business partner and strategic marketing resource for addressing the most demanding challenges of – demand generation for the technical sale.

The Technology of Business "for" The Business of Technology

As specialists in demand generation for the technical sale, we understand the strategic imperative for marketing and sales to operate cohesively. We achieve cohesion by integrating the elements of strategy and business process with the technologies of sales and marketing automation.

We provide our clients with an effective demand generation capability as an outsourced service or we will work with marketing and sales teams to help them develop their internal capabilities.

Marketing and sales cohesion
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